Couple walking on Woolacombe beach during Autumn holiday in North Devon

Woolacombe short circular walk via Combesgate

Commencing from Woolacombe’s picturesque seafront, this leisurely walk meanders along the stunning coastline, offering captivating views of the sea. As you venture further, the path veers inland, leading you up a scenic grassy valley. In spring and summer, this valley comes alive with a riot of wildflowers, creating a vibrant and enchanting landscape.

Time: 1-1.5 hours

Distance: 3 mile

Route: Easy

Bench overlooking Woolacombe bay

The Route

Start: Esplanade, Woolacombe With the sea on your left walk down the Esplanade as it follows the curve of the beach round to the right.

Follow the Esplanade all the way to the round until you get to opposite the Watersmeet Hotel where the road starts to go uphill towards Mortehoe.

At the bottom of this hill you will see some public toilets and a sign for Combesgate Valley. Turn right here through the 2 gates and follow the grassy path up the combe.

The valley will gently rise, continue walking & go through the gate to follow the footpath through the woodland.

You will get to a fork in the path, go to the right across the spring and then go left continuing up the valley through the woodland.

The path meets a road in a caravan park, turn right here and follow the public footpath sign to the next T junction.

Again follow the public footpath to your right (tarmac track) to the next fork in the road. Go left at the fork following the yellow public footpath sign.

Walk through the caravan park & after approx. 50m you will come to a 3 fingerpost, take the middle path walking down to your right through a parking area and back into the woods.

At the next public footpath sign turn sharp right down past some ponds on your left. At the next sign post signed Woolacombe Village turn left to follow the path between 2 ponds into the woods.

Continue straight following the National Trust Combesgate Valley sign. Exit the woods, through the gate & follow the path around the side of the valley.

Follow signs to Woolacombe, you will arrive at some houses, go through the gate onto the road and follow the sign saying Woolacombe Village 1/2 mile.