Coastal View of Baggy Point from Southwest Coast Path

Baggy Point to Woolacombe circular walk

Embark on a circular walk around Baggy Point, tracing the sandy dunes of Woolacombe Warren. As you follow the path, be prepared for breathtaking coastal vistas, sweeping views of the sea, and glimpses of serene farmland. This route is a haven for wildflowers and a delightful spot for birdwatching.

Time: 4 hours

Distance: 10 miles

Route: Challenging

Front view waist up of a mid adult couple enjoying walking along the coast together. It's cold outside so they are wrapped up warm.

The Route

Start: Baggy Point Nation Trust Car Park grid ref SS430398 From the car park turn right onto Asphalted lane, signed Baggy Point 1 mile.

Continue along lane through the gate posts to the fingerpost at the fork in the path, continue left here. Follow the path past the houses and keep left when you get to the next fork in the path.

This path will take you to the end of the headland, where the path curves to the left continue through the gorse to the gate.

30m past the gate you will see a fingerpost, continue straight still following signs to Baggy Point (now 1/2 mile). When you reach the headland take time to stop and take in the magnificent views.

At the headland you will see a sharp hairpin turn to your right leading to a gate. Go through the gate and take the grassy path on your left along the fence line. This path widens up into a grassy track across the field, continue through the field.

As you approach the eastern side of Baggy Point you will start to see a panoramic view of Woolacombe Bay. Stay on the path along the cliff top & go through the next gate. At the next fingerpost take the grassy path to your left.

Continue over the stile and stay on the grassy track, cross over the next stile and continue along the path. At the fingerpost continue ahead following signs for Woolacombe (3 miles).

Travel over the next stile and continue on path between dry stone wall & the gorse. At the next fingerpost follow the coast path sign along the grassy track off to your right along the field. Walk over the field to the fingerpost by the hedge line.

Turn left following the South West Coast Path down towards the road with the hedge on your right. Go through the gate onto the road and turn left.

You can now either follow the sign for Putsborough Beach and walk to Woolacombe along the beach or follow the the road straight ahead of you following the South West Coast Path signed public Bridleway.

The road narrows into a level track, do not take any of the paths on your left or right just continue along the path. When the path widens out you will see a fingerpost on your left—Woolacombe (1/2 mile), you can continue along here to Woolacombe via Marine Drive or you can turn left into the dunes down the steps.

Turn right and continue along the dunes to Woolacombe. When you are ready to leave Woolacombe retrace your steps to Putsborough, exit Putsborough car park, turn right & then right through the gate you earlier came out of.

Follow the path back to the fingerpost in the hedge bank. Continue straight with the fence on your left, once the fence turns to your left follow the yellow footpath arrow across the field to the hedgerow to the far left corner.

Go through the gate in the dry stone wall & follow footpath between hedgerow. At the end of the path go straight ahead following the signed route along the farm track.

At the end of the farm track there is a fingerpost to follow down to your left signed public footpath. Go straight ahead, over the stile & down the hill. Follow yellow arrow down the farm track past the farm on your right. At the road turn right, cross the road & follow the path back to Baggy Point car park.