Exmoor’s Most Magical Butterfly Walk

Explore the Heddon Valley Butterfly Walk in Devon and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of this enchanting coastal combe. As you traverse the deep woodland, follow the high cliff paths that offer captivating views across to Wales. Your mission? To spot one of the UK’s rarest butterfly gems: the high brown fritillary. This elusive beauty graces the landscape only during the months of June and July.

Time: 2-3 hours

Distance: 3 miles

Route: Moderate

butterfly landing on flower

The Route

Start: Heddon Valley National Trust Shop, grid ref SS655480

From the car park go past the front of the Hunters Inn round the right hand side, cross the bridge & pass an orchard and white cottages. Then take the steep lane up towards Trentishoe.

Look out for the colony of high brown fritillaries & dark greens at Trentishoe Combe (steep bracken slope beyond oak trees). You may see them on the bramble and thistle flowers.

When you reach the end of the bracken turn right onto a level footpath above the bracken slope.

Follow the path as it skirts fields boundaries onto the coast.

Walk east along the cliff top to Peter’s Rock, be careful as it is a very steep cliff face. Look out for the seabirds gliding gracefully below.

Take the path on your right back into bracken and back into high brown territory.

You can then either walk along the river to the west through woodland to spot more butterflies or you can cross at the bridge, turn right and head east through water meadows.

You will end up back at the Hunters Inn.